Visiting around

What to do around Roc’N River ?

Just few idee for exploring the area (maximum 30 minutes by car from the base):

  • The Demoiselles cave : beautiful cave located at Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois
  • The gorge of the river Vis: deep and wild gorge up to the Navacelle circus.
  • The pic Saint-Loup: the highest summit located North of Montpellier. It reach 658 meter above the sea level and offert a greet 360° view !
  • The Ravin des Arcs: Nice walk in a deep gorge located between Saint-Martin de Londre and Saint-Beauzille de Putois.
  • The village of Saint-Jean-de-Buège and its wild valley
  • The village of Saint-Guilhem le Désert
  • The potter village of Saint-Jean-de-Fos !

Much more information can be found on the web site of the local tourism office.

Eat and drink !

Few hundred meters from the base, the restaurant le Saint Bonheur offers very good dishes.

You can find several stores at Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois: tow backerries, one butcher, one grocery and a one bar.

The dairy of Montoulieu makes excellent local goat cheese : the Pélardons des Demoiselles.

Trekking in the area

The association par4chemins offers several trekking in the region Occitanie. Trekking duration varies from 2 to 6 days. Excurtions are suitable for all people whatever your level (beginner and sporty).