Rent a Paddle on the Herault river

Rent and navigate with a Stand-up Paddle on the Herault

At Roc’N River, we rent Paddle to navigate on the Herault river. Just upstream to the base, a long, large, quiet and deep river reach offers excellent conditions to try the stand-up paddle ! More over, this area offer many excellent possibilities for swimming, resting and snacking on the river banks.

Enjoy the beach, the river sides and explore the river with your paddle ! You will discover the cliff of the Thaurac massif where you can practice climbing and via-ferrata.

Paddle rental (older than 5 years)

  • 15 euros for 1 hour
  • 25 euros for 2 hours
  • 40 euros for 4 hours
Rent a paddle and navigate on the Herault river.
Paddle rental on the Herault river. You will discover the beautiful cliff of the Thaurac !