Climbing around Montpellier: from basics to advanced climbing skills

Do you want climbing around Montpellier ? In the south of France, the region of Montpellier is one of the best place for sport climbing. Next to the Roc’N River base, the Thaurac massif and the Herault gorge offers many climbing spots for sport climbing and multi-pitch routes. At Roc’N River we offer climbing courses for beginners and also for experts. This is perfect for discovering the best climbing spots around Montpellier and for climbing the most beautiful multi-pitch routes of the region.

Climbing offers around Montpellier, in the Cevennes and in the Herault gorge

Climbing offerWhat is it ? Where it is ?Prices
Sport climbingBeginners or expert, discover the best climbing crags around Montpellier and in the Herault gorge. Suitable for children older than 8 years.Customized invoice, just give us a call. 40 Euros/pers for groups (more than 4 persons).
Multi-pitch climbingMulti-pitch routes at the Thaurac, Saint-Guilhem le désert, Saint Jean de Buège and in the Caroux moutains.Customized invoice, just give us a call.
Overview of the climbing offer at Roc’N River.

Sport climbing for everybody: discover the climbing spots north to Montpellier

The Herault gorges are a great choice for climbing. Many climbing spots exists and offer good climbs for everybody all year around. The Thaurac is one of the best climbing spot and it is located just above the Roc’N River base.

Whatever your climbing skill (beginner or expert), our monitor will select the most appropriate climbing spot. You will train yourself to climb vertical limestone cliff. You will learn many climbing technics such as the security rules, the knots and belaying…

Technical review

  • Children : Older than 6 years
  • Activity time : 3 hours
  • The session targets your climbing level

A climbing session supervised by our monitor (gears and climbing shoes included)

  • 40 euros/people (for groups lager than 4 persons)
A climbing session at Saugras near Montpellier
abseiling initiation, climbing with Roc’N River

Climbing multipich routes !

Multi-pitch routes are a climbing itineraries through a big wall high about 100 meters or more. Climbing such big walls requires a very good physical condition and some good knowledge about climbing technic in general (security, knots, belaying). Climbing a multi-pitch route is a unique experience: panoramic view, verticality, isolation.

With a guide, you will climb a bigwall about 100 meters. The cliffs of the Thaurac, Saint-Jean de Buège and Saint-Guilhem le Désert are the main walls for climbing a multi-pitch route.

Technical review

  • Minimal age : 12 years old
  • Duration : half a day or 1 day
  • Good climbing level required
  • Multipitch routes depending your level and your wish !

Climbing a multpiches route with a guide (gears included, the price could change depending the route)

  • Multipitch route for beginner at the Thaurac (Rognons sector) or Saint-Jean-de-Buège : 70 meters, about 3 pitches.
    • 150 euros for 1 person
  • Multipitch route (medium level) at the Thaurac, (Ouest face): 100 meter, about 4-5 pitches
    • 175 euros for 1 person
  • Multipitch route for experts at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert (North face): 200 meter, about 5 to 10 piches
    • 200 euros for 1 person
The climbing spot of the Thaurac (north of Montpellier)
The west face of the Thaurac climbing spots is perfect for multi-pitch climbing.
abseiling initiation, Big wall with Roc’N River
Climbing in los Mallos del Riglos, Spain with Roc’N River